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Deep Clean Anti Microbial Fruits & Vegetable Wash (500 ML)

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DEEP CLEAN Anti-microbial Fruits & vegetable wash
Simply washing fruits & vegetables with water will not eliminate harmful contaminants present on the surface. Wash them with Deep clean anti-microbial fruits & Vegetable wash which 100% assures food safety & better health. It is a unique mix of food grade edible ingredients such as Tulsi, Neem, Retha, Lemon Juice & Aloe Vera which effectively works as “Virucidal” , “ Bactericidal” which Washes off Bacteria & virusespesticides, harmful preservatives, chemicals & soil, dirt & dust & waxes & thereby keep fruits & vegetables fresh for longer time.
Regular use of deep clean fruits & vegetables anti-microbial wash, before cooking or eating fruits & vegetables, will avoid unwanted risk of getting diseases through surface contaminants. Exclusive benefits -

  • Washes off all types of bacteria, germs & contaminants.
  • Removes artificial color from the surface with no aftertaste
  • Sanitizes fruits & vegetables for long term usage
  • Enriched with high quality natural ingredients such as tulsi, neem, lemon etc