Ayurveda Explains How Sleeping and Good Digestion Are Linked To Healthy Skin

Dec 04 , 2020



Ayurveda Explains How Sleeping and Good Digestion Are Linked To Healthy Skin

Sleeping well and good digestion have great effects on your skin. Just imagine a person who is sleep-deprived and has dark circles, and another one who has sound sleep and has a fresh looking skin. Both are poles apart. Sleeping is an important function that calms our senses and nerves. On the other hand, good digestion also gives us healthy skin free from acne and pimples. The best part is that Ayurveda explains it all.

Sleeping habits and healthy skin

The right amount of sleep is needed to restore rest and peace to mind and body. Several physical processes go on while you are sleeping. These are not possible otherwise when the person is awake.

Ayurveda explains that the human body is under the constant influences of the ‘doshas’ and each dosha has its own potential. That is why proper sleeping is needed to balance these doshas. When sleep is hampered, the ‘doshas’ are imbalanced.

‘Nidranasha' means sleeplessness and causes your physical health to decline. Lack of sleep keeps you tired and fatigued. The body also loses its ability to function properly.

Due to sleeplessness, your skin tends to lose all the glow and shine. This brings us to the fact how good and sound sleep leaves your skin healthy, fresh and rejuvenated.

Good digestion and healthy skin

The liver is the organ where the ‘pitha’ accumulates and secretes from. The bile is responsible for good digestion. Often we are told to chew our food properly for quick and easy digestion. We must also refrain from consuming oily and fried food items.

  • Regulate your diet with healthy food habits and prohibit smoking and alcohol consumption. Both these have ill effects on the liver thus, making it grow weaker.
  • Check your bowel movement since irregular bowel movements cause stomach bloating, gas formation and stomach aches. All of these have manifestations in the forms of pimples and acne.
  • Drinking a good amount of water is also necessary to initiate good digestion and keep your skin hydrated.
  • Ayurveda says that most of the stomach problems arise when ‘Agni’ or the digestive fire is weak. That is why keep it ignited by consuming freshly grated ginger with a few drops of lime and a pinch of salt.

This quick tip will keep the salivary glands active and produce the necessary digestive enzymes. Very soon you will see how your digestion progresses and consequently, your skin also becomes healthy.

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