Does Your Kid Fall Sick Often? Find Out How Ayurveda Can Help

Jan 13 , 2021



Does Your Kid Fall Sick Often? Find Out How Ayurveda Can Help

Kids falling sick is often a cause of concern for the parents. While it is a natural process and can happen to anyone, but the crucial thing to understand here is that falling sick often can be a problem for kids. The younger years of a child are the most important in their growth, which is why health conditions popping up frequently may cause a problem with that growth. Modern times have shown us the importance of maintaining good habits and a good lifestyle in order to avoid such problems.

Ayurveda; however, has had the answers to these problems for thousands of years. Because of the way Ayurveda functions through life cycles and energies in nature, it has far-reaching effects on the health and immunity of children in their younger years. Also, since it is all based on nature, there are no harmful substances to affect their growth, which help them a long way in growing, healing, and thriving in their life.

Before getting into the how of it, you need to understand one thing about Ayurveda as a science. The Ayurvedic concept of Bheej Bhoomi dictates that the seed of infection or health issues cannot grow inside your child if the body is not suitable for them. The balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas is different for everyone, which is what this article will discuss.

Ayurvedic Doshas and How To Balance Them

Ayurvedic Doshas tend to become dominant in a person, which is why they often create a particular personality trait for them. Depending on which dosha is dominant, a person can get different health issues. In order to avoid these doshas from becoming dominant here is how you can identify them:

  • Vata

Lean children with an irregular appetite are the ones with Vata. The children who get cold quick, have dry skin, thin hair that is tightly curled, light skin texture but duskier tones, are sharp, witty and creative have a dominant Vata. However, excess of Vata causes anxiety episodes, physical and emotional restlessness, fidgety eating habits, insomnia, and digestive issues like constipation.

  • Pitta

Kids with moderate builts and a healthy appetite have a dominant Pitta. They cannot tolerate hunger and skipping meals. They dislike warm weather, have characteristically straight hair and sharp eyesight. Intelligence, innovation, and great speech patterns are their strong suit. However, excess of Pitta leads to inflammation, diarrhoea, easily irritated skin, and anger issues.

  • Kapha

Children with sturdy builds with notable endurance and strength are known to be Kapha dominant. With characteristic slow digestion and mild appetite, Kapha dominant children often enjoy their food. With oily, smooth skin and thick wavy hair, these kids are mature and compassionate beyond their age. The challenges these children face are slow digestion, congestion, lethargy, excessive sleep, depression, and weight gain.

For a healthy life of your kids, you need to make sure that their Kapha remains balanced. Including more leafy green vegetables, fruits, legumes, and whole grains is a good way to begin boosting their immunity.

Plus, serving food made with garlic, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric is beneficial, with the only condition being that you must serve the food while it is hot. Often, the diet that boosts immunity lean towards having pungent, astringent, and bitter flavours. To limit the dominance of Kapha, avoid foods that induce Kapha like wheat, dairy, and sweets.

On the other hand, a physically active lifestyle will also help your child grow healthy. Encouraging your children to engage in physical activities that help with blood circulation will give them a great balance in their energy levels, while also helping the nutrients flow through the body better. Getting engaged in outdoor activities like games and physical exercise triggers the detox mechanism of the body, thus preventing the early onset of any disease in the body.

Following a proper appetite, getting good sleep, and adopting a healthy lifestyle is important for a child, especially in their growing years as this is the time they can become the best versions of themselves. For great results, choose from our range of ayurvedic medicine for child growth at the BGR 34 online store and give your child the wonderful gift of a happy and healthy life. Head to our online store page now.

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