How Can Ayurveda Help You In Healing Fractures Faster?

Jan 13 , 2021



How Can Ayurveda Help You In Healing Fractures Faster?

Accidents happen in everybody's life, and since our bones are not as flexible as other body parts, they tend to go through a lot of wear and tear. The worst case is when the bone breaks from impact or bending and lead to fractures. While Ayurveda has formed the basis of modern healthcare’s understanding of bone-setting, it has had a number of other tricks up its sleeve as well. It enlists a number of other ways to help heal the fracture fast. This article discusses such great techniques of healing fractures as they are employed in Ayurvedic treatments.


Ayurveda For Healing Fractures

  • Fracture Bed

Kapatashayana Vidhi or the procedure to make a special bed for fracture patients of thigh, hips, ankle, shoulder, spine, spinal column, bones of the thorax, and nearby regions is a great tip in Ayurveda. It uses wooden pegs to immobilize the region of the fracture and provide it with the necessary support.

  • Clarified Butter (Ghee)

Since calcium and energy for the body are the two most important things that are needed in order to heal the fracture completely, ghee is a great source of both. In 1 cup of water, boil 2 spoons of desi ghee, 1 teaspoon of jaggery and 1 teaspoon of turmeric. After it has cooled down, drink the concoction. Repeat this two times in a day.

  • Onion

In 1 spoon of turmeric, take about 1 gram Onion and wrap it in a cloth. Heat the cloth in some sesame oil and wrap it around the fracture. Doing this twice in a day will help in the healing of the bone.


  • Black Caraway Seeds

Kalonji seeds or black caraway seeds are rich in zinc, iron, and phosphorous, all of which are considered essential for bone growth. Applying the oil of the black caraway seeds is a great way to help your bones recover fast from the fracture.


Fractures can happen to people of any age, especially when your bone strength diminishes with time. However, maintaining that strength is very important for longer and healthier life. That is why Boniheal, Aimil Pharmaceuticals’s ayurvedic medicine for bone strength has now become a popular choice in people. Consuming Boniheal can not only heal fractures faster but also can strengthen your bones from the inside in order to prevent further damage. Head to our online store today to buy Boniheal.

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