How Your Digestion and Immune System Are Connected: An Ayurvedic Overview

Jan 19 , 2021



How Your Digestion and Immune System Are Connected: An Ayurvedic Overview

The human body is perhaps the biggest wonder of the world. How it works and how it has been shaped so minutely, amaze us. You will be astounded to learn how intimately our digestive abilities are related to the immune system and that they are inter-dependent. Through this blog, we will find out how is this connection established and what must be done in order to strike the right chord between the two.

The connection between immunity and digestion

Agni or the digestive fire is responsible for the way mood, digestion and immunity work together, and it plays a vital role in regulating our health. Consequently, when we empower our immunity, our digestive powers automatically increase and vice-versa. That is why strengthening the Agni in your body is of utmost importance. For this, you have to focus on your diet and relax your body and mind to form a proper internal alignment.

What must be done?

  • Eating wisely: Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables since each of the doshas is governed by a season. So, when you eat seasonally, you boost your immunity and in the process, your digestion also increases. The best time to bring about a change in your diet between two seasons is around the equinoxes and solstices.

Besides this, you must eat locally grown vegetables and fruits. This is because your body becomes accustomed to the microbes around you that help in enhancing your digestion and immunity. So, look out for local farms and shops that sell fresh edibles to get the best stock.

When you eat, your entire concentration should be on your food. Keep yourself away from gadgets as these tend to deviate your attention from the meal. Therefore, when you do not eat heartily and enjoy the meals, it reduces the secretion of bile and results in indigestion. As a consequence of it, you suffer from a hampered immunity.

  • Let your mind and body relax

Stress and anxiety are serious psychological factors that impact your mind and body. If you do not relax, you are putting yourself in a position where you are running the risk of hampering your immunity and digestion. The mind is intricately related to the body and that is why you should take care of your mind too.

You surely are now better aware of the connection between the two systems and the information given here will help you immensely. With Ayurvedic treatments, you can definitely keep both systems functioning properly. Aimil Pharmaceuticals gives you the opportunity to buy ayurvedic products online with safe modes of online payments. Our medicines give the desired results for every ailment and that is why we are still trusted by Ayurvedic doctors for the past years. Order your medicine online now or ask your nearest store for Aimil Pharmaceuticals today.

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