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Remedies and Relief for Constipation

Remedies and Relief for Constipation

Constipation refers to the infrequent passage of stool. Medically speaking, constipation is defined as having less than 3 bowel movements per week. It is a widespread disorder which affects people from all walks of life. It is imperative that we understand what the disorder is, understand its causes and mitigate against it in time before it is too late.

Constipation is caused due to unhealthy lifestyles, unregulated diet, lack of physical exercise, consumption of excessive laxatives, during pregnancy, intake of strong medications, as a side effect of another disease/disorder, cancer, tumour and so on and henceforth. The most common cause of constipation is the unhealthy lifestyles that most of us lead nowadays. Only if we make a conscious effort to change that can we mitigate against diseases and disorders such as constipation.


Constipation is caused due to unhealthy lifestyles


Some of the symptoms of this disease are hard/small stools, irregular bowel movement, vomiting, lower abdominal pain and so on and henceforth. The feeling of feeling constipated is one of the main symptoms of this disorder.

Now that we have understood the causes and the symptoms of constipation let us know turn our attention to the precautionary steps that we can take to mitigate against it.  


Precautions for Constipation

The following are some of the precautions that we can adopt to mitigate against constipation.


  • Consume a healthy diet which is rich in fibre. The typical diet to prevent constipation should include fruits, vegetables, cereal, whole grain bread and so and henceforth.


  • Drink adequate water throughout the day. This will regulate your bowel movements and make it easier to go to the bathroom.


  • Minimising the consumption of tea, coffee, and other caffeine related drinks will help you with your constipation.


  • Going to the bathroom when you feel the urge is also something which should be done to maintain the natural bowel movements of a person.


  • Reducing stress is one of the best ways to avoid constipation and a suit of other related disease and disorders.


  • Regular physical exercise is the key to living a healthy and a sustainable life. Even for mitigating against constipation, regular exercise can be a boon.


Regular physical exercise is the key to living a healthy and a sustainable life


Living a healthy lifestyle, in general, is the way forward to not just avoiding constipation but a suit of many other harmful diseases and disorders.  Thus, reducing stress, eating right and exercising on a daily basis should be everyone's mantra.


Treatment for Constipation

Treating constipation is pretty simple, only if you follow a couple of guidelines. The following is a step by step approach to identifying and treating constipation.


The First Step-

The first step is to define whether a person has acute or chronic constipation. Only one identifies this, can he/she treat it successfully. Chronic constipation needs to be dealt with immediately while we need to treat acute constipation so that it does not snowball into chronic constipation.


The Second Step-

The second phase is to use natural and simple treatments to treat constipation. These treatments are meant to have the least possible damage to the colon.


The Third Step-

The third phase is to know when it is time to evaluate the cause of constipation for that person in particular. This is to be done once simple methods fail and more complex medications and stimulants need to be used to treat constipation effectively.


The Fourth Step-

The goal of all medication consumed by a patient should be to achieve if not more, at least one bowel movement in two to three days that too without straining.


Thus, one can treat constipation through the following ways- By using:

  • Allopathic Cures

  • Ayurvedic Remedies

  • AYUSH systems of medication

  • Taking precautionary measures against constipation


While allopathic cures have harmful side effects, ayurvedic cures are relatively free from them. One of the main side effects of allopathic drugs used to treat constipation is damage to the colon due to the excessive and repetitive use of stimulants to ease bowel movement.

These side effects in ayurvedic medicines are drastically lower.


Ayurvedic remedies to give patients the best results


With the advancement in technology, scientists and researchers have been able to amalgamate modern day science with age-old ayurvedic remedies to give patients the best results. One such medication is the Pulvolax syrup.


Pulvolax is an effective and efficient mixture of different natural herbs to exert laxative action, bowel regularising, stool bulking, GIT toning, gastroprotective activities and simultaneously tones digestion to combat chronic constipation and associated conditions.


Pulvolax is an effective and efficient mixture of different natural herbs to exert laxative action, bowel regularising, stool bulking, GIT toning


Some of the benefits of the medicine are as follows-

  • Encourages gentle elimination naturally, without chemical stimulations

  • Enriched with carminative, anti-gripe & digestive herbs

  • Non-allergic therapeutic fibre combination from natural source

  • Clinically recommended for restoring & maintaining regularity


The medication helps in achieving the following-

  • Gentle laxative (increases intestinal motility, promotes fluid evacuation)

  • Stool softener (Increases bulk of stools, makes easy defecation)

  • Bowel Regulator (Regularises bowel movement, tonnes digestion)


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