The Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes

Jan 19 , 2021



The Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Diabetes

Ayurveda is trusted across the globe for its ancient and trusted treatments and also majorly for the reason that the treatments, herbs and ingredients are either free from side effects or have fewer of them. The Ayurvedic herbs mentioned here are great for inciting insulin in the human body. This helps lower the blood sugar levels making good health an assured result.

  1. Giloy manages type 2 diabetes and works like a hypoglycemic agent producing insulin to keep the blood sugar levels low. Besides this, it also burns off the excess glucose in the blood that reduces the threat of increased Diabetes. Giloy is strongly believed to have a significant anti-diabetic characteristic which makes it a highly effective herb for diabetic patients.
  2. Tulsi has many medicinal properties alongside controlling the blood sugar level. It is mainly effective for those who are pre-diabetic and already have type 2 diabetes. Daily consumption of tulsi leaves reduces postprandial and fasting blood sugar levels. This Ayurvedic herb is a natural antioxidant that produces caryophyllene, eugenol and methyl eugenol. These three together help the pancreatic cells to increase sensitivity to insulin.
  3. Gurmar has compounds like flavonols and gurmarin that are highly effective on the blood sugar level. Have a teaspoonful of gurmar powder with water in the morning for great results.
  4. Vijaysar is yet another trusted Ayurvedic herb that is given to diabetic patients. It reduces blood sugar and also has anti-hyperlipidemic properties that reduce cholesterol. Regular consumption of Vijaysar also keeps the symptoms of Diabetes in check. So, it lowers the frequency of urination, overeating and a burning sensation in your limbs.
  5. Sababahar is a commonly found herb and is widely known as periwinkle. It works as a natural medicine for type 2 diabetes and regulates the blood sugar level. Just chew a few of its leaves or boil the pink flowers in a cupful of water and drink it.

Some other effective measures

  • Drink water from a copper glass to help reduce the increased blood sugar level.
  • Abstain from smoking and drinking, and sleep well.
  • Yoga helps you to keep Diabetes in check by maintaining a healthy and balanced blood sugar level and secretes natural insulin. So, practice Surya Namaskar, Pranayam, Vajrasana, Balasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Dhanurasana, etc., some of the most effective yoga postures, to cure Diabetes.
  • Panchakarma purification process uses Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, etc. as per the blood sugar level as they ensure natural insulin secretion and reduction in insulin resistance.
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