Treatment of Liver Disease/Damage

May 23 , 2017



Treatment of Liver Disease/Damage

Treatment of Liver Disease/Damage

Liver/hepatic disease is one of the most common and deadly diseases which affects the effective and efficient functioning of the liver. The liver is one of the most vital organs/glands in our body which is responsible for a number of essential chemical processes in our body.

Some of the functions of this critical organ are the production of bile, the production of amino acids (the basic building blocks for proteins), helping the production of red blood cells, maintaining glucose levels and so on and henceforth. It is quite evident from reading the above-mentioned functions of the liver that even the slightest of damage to it can bring about a halt to your day to day activities.


helping the production of red blood cells

Some of the reasons behind liver damage/disease are alcohol abuse, unhealthy lifestyles, consumption of certain drugs over a period, hepatitis and other viruses.  It is critical to identify liver disease at an early stage and then to take the necessary treatment for it. Better still is to take precautionary steps to mitigate against liver diseases.

There are two alternatives for treating liver diseases the first is the ayurvedic option and the second is the allopathic choice. While the allopathic option leads to many a side effect, the ayurvedic choice is relatively free of this disadvantage.  Allopathic drugs can result in a number of side effects such as an increase in your weight, decrease in your metabolism, fall in immunity levels and a host of other such harmful side effects. Thus, a viable option for treating liver diseases as trusted by millions of people all across the world is by opting for an ayurvedic cure.


the ayurvedic choice is relatively free of this disadvantage


One such example is Amlycure syrup and tablets. It combines age old ayurvedic remedies with modern day cutting edge science. Some of the advantages of using this drug is that it can be utilised by a large audience of varied age groups, it is relatively free of side effects, helps maintain liver health, strengthens the immune system, fastens recovery from jaundice, tones the liver multi-dimensionally among its many other functions.

Some of the other benefits of using Amlycure DS as an ayurvedic medicine for the liver are as follows:

  1. Improves digestion, metabolism and liver function.
  2. Gastro-protective – protects drug-induced gastric discomfort
  3. A unique blend of over 50 vital botanicals
  4. Enriched with eight  mineral preparations
  5. Processed in juices & decoctions of liver rejuvenator herbs
  6. An effective co-prescription along with pain killers and  antibiotics
  7. Acts as an anti-hepatotoxic ( fights off liver damage)
  8. Completely safe on long term usage


Improves digestion, metabolism and liver function


  1. Exerts potential Hepato-protective action ( ability to prevent damage to the liver)
  2. Restores normalcy in liver functions
  3. Checks inflammation caused due to immune response
  4. Provides gastro-protective effect against oxidative stress and hyperacidity
  5. Provides reparative and regenerative effect on liver cell

Lakhs of people all across the country have embraced the Amlycure tablets and syrup for fighting off liver diseases. Millions have effectively and efficiently dealt with liver disease using this futuristic drug. Click on the link below to know more.

Amlycure tablets and syrup for fighting off liver diseases


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