Ayurvedic anti-diabetic drug launched in Coimbatore

Jul 05 , 2016


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Ayurvedic anti-diabetic drug launched in Coimbatore

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) launched here in Coimbatore BGR-34, billed as the country’s first anti-diabetic Ayurvedic drug with anti-hyperglycaemic property (reducing high blood sugar level).

CSIR said BGR-34, meant for persons with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, had been scientifically validated for its efficacy and safety. It was developed jointly by National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) and Central Institute for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP), both research units of CSIR at Lucknow.

Priced at Rs.5 a tablet, it is now available at all major chemist counters of Coimbatore, CSIR said.

Senior Principal Scientist of CSIR-NBRI A.K.S. Rawat said at the launch that CSIR’s premier research institutions had developed and established the efficacy of BGR-34.

The modern diabetes drugs are known for side-effects and toxicity while BGR-34 works by controlling blood sugar and limiting the harmful effects of other drugs.

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  • 05 Jul 2016 ABDon

    BGR-34 is best Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes Mellitus. This Medicine is best-selling Medicine in India.

  • 05 Jul 2016 R L Rao

    This is a good news.
    It appears that this treatment is a continuous one and cannot be stopped.
    Changing over to an insulin+ tablet to this needs a smooth shifting process.
    Rs. 5X4 tabs/ day is not a cheap / economical option.
    This needs a regular updateto common people of the happenings.

    Best wishes
    R L Rao

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