Health Tips

Health Tips on BGR-34 by AIMIL

Some Do’s and Dont’s for Diabetes


  • Do eat a balanced diet with adequate fruits, vegetable, carbohydrates, proteins and dairy products.
  • Do limit the amount of salt & fat intake.
  • Do enjoy your favourite foods in moderation. Do focus on eating mindfully so that every bite is noticed and savored.
  • Do pay attention to food portions, especially reducing carbohydrate intake. Do ensure approximately 0.8 gram/kg/ day of protein intake.
  • Do invest in new hobbies and ways to enrich your life: loving relationships, reading, music, helping others who are worse off than yourself.
  • Do maintain an attitude of gratitude for the blessings you do have
  • Do view exercise as an investment in health that is enjoyable and eventually makes you feel younger and healthier once you get into the habit.
  • Do get 6-7 hours of good sleep daily. Do clear all your doubts with your doctor.



  • Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. Get induced about your condition.
  • Don’t go on crash diets: these harm your metabolism.
  • Don’t view any specific type of food as evil. Nothing is bad if taken in moderation, even mangoes and sweets.
  • Don’t lose hope or take a stand of self-pity or helplessness
  • Don’t think of exercise as a form of punishment or compensation for eating something.
  • Don’t put yourself through guilt / self-blame or negative self –talk if you experience a setback. Take it as a learning opportunity. Nobody learnt how to ride a bicycle in five minutes.