Who We Are

AIMIL, a renowned pharmaceutical company, widely recognised for delivering superior quality Ayurvedic/herbal health care products in the market is built by the man himself Mr. K.K Sharma, managing director AIMIL PHARMACEUTICALS (INDIA) LTD. Mr. Sharma with a never-ending passionate approach & firm belief in Indian medicine system, AYURVEDA constructed a concrete foundation on 30th November 1984. AIMIL since then with an aim to the legacy of Ayurveda ahead scientifically constantly working on untapped health benefits of Ayurveda through extensive Research & Development & has benefited thousands of suffering masses through marvellous therapeutic efficacy of herbal products.
Today AIMIL is known as one of the leading health contributors to the society by Innovations Developments- Manufacturing- Marketing and Promoting a wide range of Ayurveda products of therapeutic grade in different dosage form benefiting in several acute- sub-acute and chronic disease conditions. AIMIL always endeavoured to bring revolutionary innovations in developing and conceiving the concept of medication with technologies and manufacturing them in GMP certified, utmost precious and automated units, that validates international quality specifications including ISO 9001:2008. Growing at a rapid pace, AIMIL has a strong team of more than 2000 manpower reaching turnover of value INR 400 Crores in FY 2020-2021. and have an eminent presence in India and in many parts across the globe.

CSIR (Govt. of India) INVENTION

CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow and CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow took an initiative to develop a promising, safe, non-toxic drug regime to help effectively maintain normal blood glucose levels and reduce the chances of long term complications. The invention provides a novel synergistic herbal formulation for management of diabetes. Formulation comprises of medicinal plant extracts together with the conventional additives to the oral dosage forms, which includes the traditional plant extracts and processing.


It has been highly commendable on the part of scientists at CSIR-NBRI and CSIR-CIMAP to have in-depth research studies to evolve scientifically the most desirable formulation that has been validated experimentally to address the disorder with a difference and that too in completely patient friendly manner. Not only that, but the product also imparts the much needed good quality life in the patients.


The know-how to the product has been transferred to Aimil Pharmaceuticals, the organization well known for its innovative quality products for various therapeutic groups in the herbal/ayurvedic sector with a strong marketing network spread throughout the country. We wish Aimil Pharmaceuticals all the success in their noble endeavor of serving the mankind by making the benefits of the marvelous research available to the fast increasing number of the patients all throughout the country.