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Exoskin Cream

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Exoskin A Non-Steroidal therapy for Eczema & Dermatitis

A Safe and Innovative formulation with Exclusive benefits :

  • Reduced Itching & Redness. 
  • Hydrates Skin
  • Calms Blisters & Oozing Lesions
  • Protects Skin from Oxidative Damage


Exclusive benefits :

  • Exoskin is a Non-Steroidal Patented Therapy for Eczema.
  • A clinically & Dermatologically tested formula developed by DRDO.
  • Exoskin is safe & intense formula which speeds up the healing process in condition of Eczema & dermatitis with moisturizing effect.
  • Exoskin is a poly-herbal formulation enriched with rare herbs from different geographical regions and contains 9 herbs, 1 juice, 1 powder and 5 different oils that provides nourishment, hydration, and repairs dry & damaged skin.
  • Exoskin prevents from oxidative damage & reduces inflammation of epidermis by its free radical scavenging action.
  • It relieves the itching by stabilizing the mast cells.
  • It accelerates the wound healing by increasing the collagen synthesis


Herbs highlights  :

Ekputli Lahsun   :  Suppresses activity of pro-inflammatory cytokines .

Harida   : Controls itching & flare-up of Eczema 

5 Natural Oils Hydrates skin & improves ceramides level

Neem Tail :  Scavenges free radicals & maintains integrity of epidermal cells 

Dhatura  :  Improves wound contraction rate, promotes re-epithelization process

Karvira : Encourages complete restoration of skin architecture.


Effectively Moisturizes Skin with Power of 5 Natural Oils  :

NEEM OIL : Shows neovascularization effect to help repair skin

ROSE OIL : Exerts soothing & cooling effect on skin abrasions & superficial lesions

 KARANJ OIL : Acts as Natural permeability enhancer

 ROHISHA OIL : Exerts Excellent anti-dermatophytic action

 TIL OIL : Attenuates oxidative stress by inhibiting production of xanthine-oxidase & nitric oxide


Indications  :

  • Acute Eczema.
  • Chronic Eczema .
  • Dermatitis or as directed by the Physician.


Direction for Use :

  • Apply gently on the lesions, twice a day i.e. in the morning after bath and in the evening before going to the bed or as directed by the Physician 
  • Duration of treatment- 15 days to 90 days

Caution :

In some hypersensitive patients, if itching/irritation persists, apply or dilute the medicines with coconut oil or mustard oil or seek physician’s advice.


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