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Amree Plus Capsules

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Amree plus is outcome of extensive R&D efforts, bringing revolution in developing a formulation to restore disturbed carbohydrate metabolism & its associated long term complications. AMREE PLUS is a synergistic mix of vital herbs which has been used since ages all over the world.

AMREE PLUS is an exclusive formulation comprehensively designed to work as oral carbohydrate metaboliser delivering optimum benefit to the suffering masses. Primarily it works to maintain normal carbohydrate metabolism & simultaneously it efficiently benefits in the associated symptoms like fatigue, tiredness & generalised weakness thus restores the overall Quality of Life.

The formulation is exclusively designed to provide multiple benefits with respect to carbohydrate & lipids metabolism & also effectively alleviate the associated symptoms like general weakness, excessive thirst, excessive urination etc. The unique processing done to develop this exclusive formulation, AMREE PLUS ensure the optimum presence of anti-oxidants & phytonutrients which efficiently delivers therapeutic benefits to suffering masses.


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    Prevents long term complications.

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    Promotes carbohydrate utilisation

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    Provides essential Amino acids & nutrients

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    Increases cells sensitivity towards lipids & carbohydrates

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    Checks over fatigue, excessive thirst & urination

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    Improves immunity & body defence system


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    Karela (Momordica charantia)
    Improves cellular sensitivity for fatty acids & carbohydrates

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    Methi (Trigonella foenum-graecum)
    Supplements soluble dietary fibres

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    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
    Energises body and enhances vitality

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    Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia)
    Improves local & cellular immunity

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    Almond oil (Prunus dulcis)
    Provides source of Alpha tocopherol & Pufa’s


  • Adults : 2 Cap. Twice or thrice a day

Unique Salient Features of Amree Plus

  • Improves immunity and defence system
  • Revitalise & repair pancreatic cells.
  • Helps regulate carbohydrate & lipid metabolism
  • Checks over fatigue, excessive thirst & urination
  • Exerts anti-oxidant & rejuvenative action, thus prevents complication

Indications for Amree Plus

  • Checks over fatigue, excessive thirst & urination.
  • Helps regulates carbohydrates metabolism, prevent long-term complications & tones body functions.
  • Adjuvant in the management of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism or as directed by the physician.

Dosage of Amree Plus

  • Capsules: 2 Cap. Twice a day
  • Granules: ½-1 teaspoon twice or thrice a day
  • Tablets: 2 Tablets twice a day
  • Liquid: 1-2 teaspoonful twice or thrice a day or as directed by the physician for varying severity conditions.

(Should be taken 20-30 minutes before meals)

Safety of Amree Plus

The products have been found clinically safe in short or long term usage in therapeutic dosage under medical supervision.

FAQs about Amree Plus

How Amree Plus works
Answer :
Amree Plus works in the following manner: -
  • Helps maintain lipid & carbohydrate metabolism
  • Provide pronounced Anti-oxidant protection.
  • Activates the functions of pancreas naturally
  • Exerts healing power on body tissues.
  • Protects & tone the functions of vital organs
  • Enhance immunity against allergies & infections
How herbal preparations can be useful to the patients of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism
Answer :
Apart from maintaining carbohydrate metabolism, herbal formulation provides various additional benefits including nutritional supplementation, protecting vital organ from oxidative stress, prevent body from future complication, exerts promising immuno-modulation action along with plus benefits of system toning effect.
Does Amree Plus provide essential micro-nutrients
Answer :
Yes, Amree Plus provides various micro-nutrients from the sources like Bilv patr, Neem patr & Vijaysaar Ghansatv. These micro-nutrients are very essential for patients with poor carbohydrate metabolism as it nourishes & prevents vital organs from complications.
What is role of Amree Plus on liver
Answer :
Amree Plus effectively works as carbohydrate metaboliser. Thus helps to maintain the level of carbohydrate & lipids in the body. Also there are various herbs present in Amree Plus which improves the functioning of liver & also protects the liver from toxicities of synthetic drugs.
Does Amree Plus provide natural Bioflavonoids which are useful for disturbed carbohydrate metabolism
Answer :
Yes, Amree Plus provides natural bioflavonoids like Quercetin and catechin which are essential for patients with carbohydrate metabolic abnormalities.
Have there been any clinical studies with Amree Plus
Answer :
Yes, Amree Plus has been clinically studied at various prestigious medical institutions e.g. AIIMS (New Delhi), Endocrinology Lab (Dr, G.P. Sharma) Safdarjung Enclave Delhi, Aggarwal Hospital (Delhi), thereby found having significant benefits in patients with poor metabolism and allied conditions.
What are the beneficial findings of various studies on Amree Plus
Answer :
Finding of clinical studies: - Controlled clinical trials in the dosage of 2-3 gm per dose established onset & duration of effects. The treatment with Amree Plus provided symptomatic relief particularly helping them with feeling of wellbeing, checking the further degeneration, thus prevents progression towards severity.
How long does it take for the patients to respond to Amree Plus therapy
Answer :
Response in terms of regulating carbohydrate metabolism may start with the initial dose itself although the response may vary from patient to patient. Patient will feel better quality of life with in 7 to 10 days for persistent results, it should be taken regularly.
How does Amree Plus improve the quality of life
Answer :
Amree Plus improves quality of life by activating metabolising carbohydrate, supplements micro-nutrients, reduce persistent tiredness & fatigue, provides anti-oxidant protection and improves immunity thus exerts system toning effects, hence improve the overall quality of life.
Can Amree Plus be withdrawn after good results
Answer :
No, Amree Plus should not be withdrawn even at good control of carbohydrate metabolism. Yes, one can reduce the dosage of Amree Plus in maintenance therapy only under medical supervision, if need arises.
Usually anti-oxidants are given to the patients with disturbed carbohydrate metabolism . Should anti-oxidants be given with Amree Plus
Answer :
No additional anti-oxidants need to be supplemented as Amree plus prevents oxidative damage by exerting anti-oxidant effect. Supplements bioflavonoids protects microvascular system from free radical damage.
Now a days SDF (Soluble Dietary Fibres) are very much common in treatment of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. Do Amree Plus works on that mechanism too
Answer :
Amree plus contains Trigonella foenum graecum (Methi) seeds containing major constituent of the SDF is galactomannan which works by decreasing the rate of gastric emptying and decreasing the absorption of carbohydrates.
Micronutrients like Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Chromium are required, Will Amree Plus supplements these micronutrients
Answer :
Yes, Amree plus supplements bioflavonoids, phosphates, chromium, copper, magnesium and manganese to fulfil micronutrient requirement and benefits in preventing complications from bilv ghansatv, Neem patr ghansatv, Vijaysaar ghansatv, Tejpatr ghansatv and karela ghansatv, Jamun ghansatv etc.
How to appreciate cost effectiveness of Amree Plus
Answer :
The conventional management of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism incorporates the use nutritional supplements like vitamins and anti-oxidants besides specific drugs. Considering all the points, Amree plus provides not only all these essentials but also provides rejuvenative effects on the vital organs for complete management. Biochemical analysis of controlled carbohydrate metabolism reveals that the Amree plus probably improves the quality of life, reduces persistent tiredness, fatigue and exerts plus benefit of system toning effect. Thus, the comprehensive management with Amree plus in disturbed carbohydrate metabolism turns to be economical & fruitful.

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