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Bone & Joints Wellness Combo

Rs. 1,924.00

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Title :
BoneJoint COMBO
Rs. 1,732.00

Product Details 
QUANTITY: 400 ML / 180 TAB

This combo provides a complete phytomineral bone therapy, that’s out of the ordinary. It provides natural calcium, pro bone minerals and phytocomponents for complete bone health. It also provides a solution that allows for powerful prevention and restoration of the issues with joint pain and inflammation. it focuses on the health and healing of the joints.


Product & Quantity

  • Muscalt Forte Tab: 6 x 30 tabs
  • Boniheal Suspension: 2 x 200 ml


Usage & Dosage

  • Muscalt Forte Tab: 2 teaspoons full thrice a day
  • Boniheal Suspension: 1 teaspoon full twice a day