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Fifatrol Tablet (Pack of 3)

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Enriched with scientifically validated botanical extracts & micro-nutrients Fifatrol is a natural, effective remedy for cold, flu, infection & ache. It puts immune system in top notch form to fight off viruses & other infections, fastens recovery & eases the associated symptoms. Several studies on herbs incorporated in Fifatrol justifies its beneficial effect for the treatment of viral upper respiratory infections. It provides fast relief from nasal congestion, sore throat, body ache, headache.Fifatrol enriched with immune enhancing herbs to fight bacteria, viruses and allergens. Fifatrol is rationale combination of vital Phytoconstituents, Immunomodulators and antioxidants for faster recovery from Flu, Infection & Body ache.

Enhances immunity to fight bacteria, viruses and allergens

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    Exhibits potential Anti-infective action

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    Reduces pain & body discomfort

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    Improves body defense system, enhances immunity

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    Acts as detoxifying herb, removes toxins

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    Improves metabolism to fasten recovery

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    Normalizes the raised body temperature


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    Kutaki (Picrorhiza kurroa)
    Improves metabolism to fasten recovery

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    Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
    Fights off viral and bacterial infections

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    Daruharidra (Berberis aristata)
    Fights off bacterial infections and relieves inflammation

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    Chirayata (Swertia chirayata)
    Reduces pain & body discomfort

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    Karanja (Pongamia pinnata)
    Relieves cold & associated nasal & chest congestion


  • ADULTS : 2 tabs. TDS
  • Children(6-12yrs) : 1 tab. BD

Unique Salient Features of Fifatrol

  • Fights of viral & bacterial infections, exerts anti-infective action
  • Normalizes the raised body temperature, acts as natural anti pyretic
  • Controls the symptoms of flu, cold and nasal congestion, acts as anti-allergic
  • Provides fast relief in body-ache and headache, acts as natural analgesic
  • Increases immune building efficiency
  • Fights off fever of various origins or an effective remedy to fight PUO

Indications for Fifatrol

  • Body ache & Headache
  • Rhinitis
  • Running nose
  • PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin)
  • Chronic fever
  • Viral fever
  • Typhoid fever
  • Malaria
  • Dengue
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Cold

Dosage of Fifatrol

    • Tablet:


    1 to 2 tabs twice or thrice a day


    (6-12 yrs.) 1 tablet twice a day

Safety of Fifatrol


FAQs about Fifatrol

What is Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol is an “unmatched formula” from the sacred ancient knowledge of Ayurveda for control over fever, infection, flu and ache, provides fast relief from multi-symptom.
What are the ingredients of Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol contains 5 poly phytomineral active compounds and fortified with anti-infective 8 herbal extracts.
What Phytominerals are present in Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol is enriched with goodness of Ayurveda with:
  • Godanti bhasam: It is faster in action, it is preferred in high fevers associated with head ache
  • Tribhuvan kirti ras : Beneficial in the cold associated with fever
  • Mritunjay ras: Beneficial in fever associated with burning sensation all over the body
  • Sanjivani vati: Strengthens immune system, prevents recurrence of sickness
  • Sudarshan ghan vati: It is mix of many herbal extracts, provides potent anti-viral action
What are the advantages of Phyto-mineral compounds in Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol contains 5 important phyto-mineral preparations making Fifatrol a fast acting remedy. Phyto-minerals are having a quality to get absorbed quickly into the body’s deepest tissue. Minerals with herbs acts as catalyst, carrying the potency of herb they contain directly to the cellular level. They have potency and effectiveness without any untoward effect.
Which herbs are present in Fifatrol to impart the action?
Answer :
Fifatrol contains
  • Tulsi- Fights off viral and bacterial action
  • Kutaki- Improves metabolism to fasten recovery
  • Chirayata- Reduces pain and body discomfort
  • Motha- Provides detoxifying action
  • Giloe- Improves body defense system, enhance immunity
  • Daruhaldi- Fights off bacterial infection and relieves inflammation
  • Karanj- Relieves cold & associated nasal and chest congestion
  • Apamarg- Removes free radicals , strengthens body tissues
Is Fifatrol an antibiotic?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol works as an Ayurvedic antibiotic that fights off viral and bacterial infections responsible for fever, flu and cold. Simultaneously it normalizes the raised body temperature and acts as a natural antipyretic.
How Fifatrol works?
Answer :
Fifatrol fights off infections by inhibiting virus and bacteria responsible for
  • fever and cold.
  • It also acts as antipyretic by influencing the thermosensitivity of neurons.
  • It acts as anti-allergic and controls the symptoms.
  • It acts as analgesic, relieves body ache and headache.
  • It increases immune building efficiency.
  • Fights off pyrexia of unknown origin.
What is the role of Godanti Bhasam in Fifatrol?
Answer :
Godanti Bhasam is also known as gypsum. W.H.O recommends usage of Godanti bhasam for cold and fever in traditional medicine in Asia. It is cold in nature. So, it is preferred in the treatment of pitta imbalance disorders like fever with high body temperature associated with headache. It improves strength and immunity.
What is the role of Mrityunjay Ras in Fifatrol?
Answer :
It is an excellent herbo-mineral preparation, used since ages to manage all types of fever like chronic fever, intermittent fever etc. This medicine balances the Tridoshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body. It boosts the immune system and helps to enhance the body’s ability to fight infections. It reduces the heat in body and helps maintain normal body temperature.
What is the role of Sudarshan ghan vati?
Answer :
Sudarshan ghan vati is a herbomix of 44 ingredients that makes it one of the extra ordinary medicines available to the people suffering from fever, body ache & headache and influenza, cold and nasal congestion. It has anti-pyretic (brings down raised body temperature), diaphoretic (induces sweating), anti-infective and mild laxative activity (easy evacuation of bowels), providing excellent results in fever associated with malaria, typhoid and bacterial infections. It treats and prevents chances of recurrence sickness.
What is the role of Sanjivani Vati in Fifatrol?
Answer :
Sanjivani Vati is a perfect medicine to combat flu, infection and fever. It strengthens the immune system so that there will be no recurrence of sickness. Basically in Ayurveda it is considered as a powerful remedy for 'aama' (Endo toxin).
How long do I need to use Fifatrol tablet before I see improvement in my conditions?
Answer :
Fifatrol provides symptomatic relief with initial dosages. However treatment may take 5-7 days in recommended dosages. In certain chronic conditions Fifatrol can safely be taken for long term under medical supervision only.
At what frequency do I need to use Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol is to be taken in the dosage of 2 tablets thrice daily for adults, 1 tablet thrice daily for children. The dosage may be increased or decreased as per age, disease, weight of the patients or as recommended by the physician.
Should I consume Fifatrol empty stomach or after food?
Answer :
For better results Fifatrol should be taken half an hour after food or as per the advice of the physician.
Can I take Fifatrol with my existing medications?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol can be taken with other medicines preferably half an hour before or after of other medicines or as per the advice of the physician.
Is Fifatrol safe on long term usage?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol is completely safe on long term usage in therapeutically recommended dosage with restriction in some disease conditions.
Is Fifatrol a substitute of antibiotics like amoxyclav?
Answer :
Fifatrol being an Ayurvedic antibiotic/antimicrobial, it becomes a safe and effective replacement of allopathic antibiotics.
Is there any need of paracetamol along with Fifatrol?
Answer :
Fifatrol itself is a good antipyretic, so in case of fever up to 100°F, paracetamol is not required. But if fever is high, then paracetamol may be added for few initial days or as and when required.
I am, 22 years; male suffering with cold, headache & low grade fever. Can I take Fifatrol?
Answer :
You can start Fifatrol tablets in the dosage of 2 tablets twice daily. It will help relieve cold, headache & fever within few days. You can continue it for 5-7 days.
My mother, 45 years; suffering with fever from last 20 days. Doctors have given her antibiotics and anti-pyretics but still her situation is not improving & having temperature above 100 ⁰F. Will Fifatrol be of any help to her?
Answer :
Sometimes patients don’t respond to antibiotics due to increase in resistance cases or may be due to pyrexia of unknown origin. In such condition she can start Fifatrol in the dosage of 2 tabs. thrice daily initially and dosage can be tapered down after few days as per recovery. Fifatrol is an excellent medicine for resistant fever or Pyrexia of Unknown Origin. It can also be taken with antibiotics or antipyretics if required, under medical supervision.
My son, 16 years old; suffering from running nose associated with fever. How it can be managed?
Answer :
Running nose associated with fever is usually an indicator of viral infection and nasal allergy. Fifatrol is a natural anti-viral & anti-allergic remedy and will keep immunity high in these conditions and prepares body to prevent recurrence. Fifatrol can be taken in the dosage of 1 tablet thrice daily or as per the advice of physician.
What is pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)?
Answer :
A fever of unknown origin is a fever of at least 101⁰F that lasts for more than three weeks or occurs frequently without explanation. Even when a doctor can’t determine the cause of the fever at first, a diagnosis is a step toward treating it.
How Fifatrol helps in pyrexia of unknown origin (PUO)?
Answer :
Causes of PUO may be infection (i.e. T.B., endocarditis etc.), inflammation (i.e. lupus, R.A. IBD etc.) malignancy etc. and should be treated as per the diagnosis. But many PUO are impossible to diagnose so becomes tough to treat. Fifatrol contains a unique combination of herb with minerals which provides excellent results in patients of PUO. Giloe is a good immune-modulator, boots body defence system & helps fight PUO. Fifatrol enhances elimination of toxins, boosts body defence system and provides natural anti-oxidant protection.
What kind of diet should be taken during fever or cold?
Answer :
Although there is no such diet restriction with Fifatrol but for better results one should eat easily digestible food like juice, daliya, fresh salad, green vegetables, soups etc. along with the Fifatrol tablet to fasten the recovery process.
Does Fifatrol also helps in head ache & body ache?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol relieves headache and body ache associated with cold and fever due to analgesic, anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting TNF-α and prostaglandin, thus helps to relieve pain.
Is Fifatrol an anti-infective?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol is a broad spectrum, anti-infective formulation. It is having a unique power of 5 phyto-mineral active compounds and further fortified with 8 herbal extracts with potential anti-infective property.
Will Fifatrol work in all kind of fevers?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol work as anti-pyretic in almost all common infectious fevers like typhoid, dengue, malaria etc. due to its wide spectrum, anti-infective and anti-pyretic properties. It will help to shorten the duration and lessens the severity. Fastens the recovery time prescribing adjunct.
Is Fifatrol safe for children?
Answer :
Fifatrol can be safely given to children above age of 6 years in therapeutically recommended dosage under medical supervision.
Can Fifatrol be taken by a patient suffering with heart disease?
Answer :
No, Fifatrol is not advised for the patients suffering with heart diseases.
Can Fifatrol be taken by a patient suffering with Kidney Diseases?
Answer :
No, Fifatrol is not advised for the patients suffering with Kidney Diseases.
Can Fifatrol be taken by a patient suffering with diabetes?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol is safe for the patients suffering with diabetes in therapeutically recommended dosage under medical supervision.
Can Fifatrol be taken for longer duration?
Answer :
Normally Fifatrol is required for 5-7 days but it can be continued for longer duration if required or disease symptoms persists in therapeutically recommended dosage under medical supervision.
Is there any adverse effect of Fifatrol?
Answer :
No, Fifatrol has no adverse effect in therapeutically recommended dosage for specified span of time.
Why should Fifatrol be preferred over other synthetic medicines?
Answer :
Fifatrol – a nuclear strike against the invading pathogens and effective substitute of antibiotics or synthetic medicine. It is seen that most of the time antibiotics are not required in viral infections, antibiotics shows resistance to infection or they are not safe in long term treatment while on the other hand Fifatrol is completely safe and natural formulation to fight infections, it doesn’t have resistance to infections and can safely be given for long term if required.
Why should Fifatrol be preferred over other Ayurvedic medicines?
Answer :
Fifatrol provides a unique combination of 5 poly phyto-mineral formulations and 8 anti-infective herbs making it a unique and multi-drug combination to fight against flu, cold, fever and body ache.
Should I take Fifatrol with water or milk or honey?
Answer :
Fifatrol can be taken with water or milk or honey.
Is the use of Fifatrol safe during pregnancy & breast feeding?
Answer :
No, it should be avoided.
Can Fifatrol be taken with antibiotics?
Answer :
Fifatrol is itself a good anti-infective medicine so antibiotics are not needed to treat bacterial or viral infections but if required antibiotics can be taken along with Fifatrol under medical supervision.
My child age 10 suffers recurrent episodes of cough, cold & chest congestion. Will Fifatrol work in such condition?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol works as nuclear strike on invading pathogens. Fifatrol provides an ideal source of phytonutrients, immunomodulators & anti-oxidants for faster recovery from infections, flu and body ache due to Godanti bhasam, Mrityunjay ras, Achyranthes aspera and Berberis lycium etc. which can help to recover from recurrent conditions.
Will Fifatrol work in arthritic pains?
Answer :
For arthritic pains you may take Muscalt Forte Syrup/ tablet along with Muscalt forte spray of AIMIL.
Will Fifatrol helps in sinusitis?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol will relieve sinusitis due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.
My sister suffers from recurrent sneezing. Can Fifatrol help her in such condition?
Answer :
Yes, taking Fifatrol may help in such cases.
Being a strong formulation, will Fifatrol be suitable for GIT?
Answer :
Fifatrol is found safe and effective in majority of cases without causing discomfort. However, mild laxative effect may be observed in some sensitive cases.
Can Fifatrol be taken by young children’s?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol can be taken in case of need to above 7 years child.
One of my friend is suffering with chronic cold associated with heavy production of mucous from last more than 10 years. Will Fifatrol help in such condition?
Answer :
Yes, taking Fifatrol may help relieve such chronicity due to its strong, effective composition.
Can Fifatrol be given as preventive medicine to protect from fever/ infection?
Answer :
Yes, Fifatrol in enriched with anti-oxidant and immunomodulating herbs to serve the purpose.
I am 24 years old and facing the nasal polyp problem. Will Fifatrol benefit in nasal polyp?
Answer :
Taking Fifatrol in Nasal polyp can relieve congestion and may be taken till surgical intervention is not planned.

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