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Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre is a perch for humanity, care and the proficient team of professional doctors. Since years, the team is providing their utmost service to the field of Ayurveda and to serve the mankind. The Ayurvedic Physicians at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre are highly qualified and are able to make the patient’s life enlightened with the ray of hope. The competent team of doctors serve patients in various aspects and also provide them with the homely environment. The Doctors at Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre are hugely experienced and is a team which works day in and out to impart their responsibility of delivering the eminent treatment possible for their patients. Keeping the flag high of Ayurveda, the team is prominently trained with the aspects of the ancient therapy of Ayurveda Medicines.

The proper regard is paid to procedures and process of Ayurveda. Along with the treatment, the doctors also keep a record on the health and hygiene of their patients and also regulate their diets. The employment of the Aimil Healthcare and Research Centre physicians are not only bound to their clinics and research centre but they travel to different cities and villages and regulate their camps to serve those who are in need. The patients are also treated with the proper counselling sessions to accumulate their quality of life and to improve their lifestyle.

  Dr. Nitika Kohli - AIMIL Healthcare And Research Centre Dr. Nitika Kohli

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