Our Journey

Representing reminiscing journey of AIMIL Pharmaceuticals

1984 – 1989 ERA

- AIMIL journey began in 1984, by our founder chairman- Mr. K.K Sharma, With the creation of NEERI.

YEAR 1984

- AIMIL was born with the mission to serve the mankind with the healing power of Ayurveda

YEAR 1984

- Launch of Anti-urolithiatic product “NEERI” Presently the” Brand leader”.

YEAR 1988

- New state of Art, well equipped, manufacturing unit started, in New Delhi

1990-1994 ERA

- Set a benchmark for others to follow, Taking Ayurveda to different shores of the globe.

YEAR 1990

- Development of desired strength hepatoprotective & corrective- Amlycure DS

YEAR 1992

- Exclusive R&D wing established at Naraina unit, New Delhi.

YEAR 1993

- Export initiation with the products of outstanding quality.

1995-1999 ERA

- Begged prestigious National recognition award by Government of India

YEAR 1996

- Became a limited company on the basis of strength in the market.

YEAR 1998

- Won first National award for outstanding entrepreneurship by the then Prime Minister, honourable Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.

YEAR 1998

- Won second National award for manufacturing quality herbal preparation by the then Prime Minister, honourable Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji.

2000-2004 ERA

The revolution in Ayurveda combining SCIENCE + NATURE

YEAR 2000

- Won third National Award for research & development efforts by honourable Sh. Jaswant Singh, the then finance minister of India.

YEAR 2004

- Collaborated with DRDO, a top most research organization, Government of India, for treating incurable disease Leucoderma by “LUKOSKIN”

- Ranked in top 100 pharma companies of India, out of total 30,000 companies.

- Certified with GMP, for Good Manufacturing Practices.

2005-2009 ERA

Set up a full-fledged, vast & modernised manufacturing unit at Nalagarh, Himachal Pradesh

YEAR 2006

- A revolution began in 1984, with a small scale operation transformed to a vast & modernised manufacturing unit.

YEAR 2008

- Entered in Russian market with the mission to promote Ayurveda worldwide.

2010-2014 ERA

- Scientific collaboration with CSIR- provided a revolutionary healthcare solution.

YEAR 2011

- Lukoskin Launched, for treating so called incurable disease “LUCODERMA” BY “LUKOSKIN” dual therapy with collaboration of DRDO.

YEAR 2014

- Collaborated with CSIR for manufacturing revolutionary anti-diabetic formulation BGR-34.

2015-2020 ERA

Took Ayurveda to new heights by providing effective solutions for CKD & Diabetes.

YEAR 2015

- Launched BGR-34, a scientifically validated anti-diabetic formulation, in collaboration with CSIR.

- Launched Neeri-KFT, a natural kidney function toner for primary kidney care.

YEAR 2017

- BGR-34 has been awarded as “New introduction of the year” award in the chronic category for marketing excellence by AIOCD’s AWACS.

- Neeri KFT has been recognised as “Number.1 brand in new launch in sub chronic & chronic category by AIOCD’s AWACS

YEAR 2018

- Amyron has been awarded as Fastest growing health supplement in nutrition & wellness segment by CIMS medica.

YEAR 2019

- Scientific validation of anti-infective formulation FIFATROL, by AIIMS, Bhopal.

- Purodil has been awarded as the most emerging brand in the wellness category- Derma by CIMS medica.

YEAR 2020

- BGR-34 has been Awarded as the most trusted brand in diabetes care by CIMS medica