What is BGR-34 ?

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) Govt. of India, has developed a novel technology to help maintain normal blood glucose level with scientific authenticity.

The research team comprising of eminent scientists and doctors of CSIR–NBRI & CSIR-CIMAP have developed “BGR-34”, a blood glucose regulator, providing highly effective, safe & affordable healthcare to the suffering masses. It maintain normal blood glucose levels, relieves diabetic symptoms and reduces chances of complications & imparting a good quality of life in the patients with high blood sugar levels / diabetes mellitus.

The research technology of BGR-34 product has been transferred to Aimil Pharmaceuticals (I) Ltd. to manufacture & market the product.    


How BGR-34 works for management of diabetes?

BGR-34 is a novel, natural DPP-4 inhibitor and unlike other modern DPP-4 inhibitors, it regulates blood glucose level and also exerts cardio-protective action. BGR-34 modulates insulin release & strengthens β-cell functional capacity. It also exerts powerful anti-oxidant action which prevents the development of diabetic complications.


How BGR-34 strengthen pancreatic β-cells functioning?

BGR-34 is enriched with various antioxidant and nutritive phytoconstituents which protects β-cells from damage, promotes repair & regeneration of β-cells. Thus, increases insulin production by improving the functional capacity of β-cells.

Can BGR-34 be taken with other allopathic medicines?

Yes, BGR-34 is a safe and effective ayurvedic medicine for maintaining normal glucose level in blood. If someone is already taking any allopathic medicines / insulin for diabetes management, he / she can start BGR-34 along with that.

BGR-34 works in a balanced manner with other allopathic OHG's and after careful monitoring of blood sugar level, dosage of allopathic medicines may be tapered down.


How BGR 34 shows cardioprotective action?

BGR-34 is a rich source of Majeeth, Giloe, essential phytoconstituents and micronutrients, it boosts body defence system, exerts anti-oxidant effect, protects the cardiovascular system by inhibiting free radicals induced cardiovascular damage.


How BGR-34 nourishes vital organs?

BGR-34 is a scientifically proven, optimized formulation with 34 vital phytoconstitutent derivatives, enriched with Methika, Giloy, Majeeth etc. acting synergistically to control diabetes, regulate blood glucose level, mitigate stress, promotes insulin secretion. It also potentially restores anti-oxidant defence system through its important micronutrients &phytoconstituents to nourish & protect vital organs.


What is the Duration of treatment? 

Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder, in which patient has to take medicines regularly to maintain normal blood sugar level along with proper diet control & exercise. So BGR-34 should be taken daily on regular basis for healthy living.      


How BGR-34 is different from other Ayurvedicpreparations ?

BGR-34 is a promising safe, effective medicine to help effectively maintain normal glucose levels & reduces the chances of long term complications. It has been highly commendable on the part of scientists at CSIR-NBRI & CSIR-CIMAP to have in-depth research studies to evolve scientifically the most desirable formulation that has been validated experimentally to address the disorder with a difference and that too in completely patient friendly manners.

BGR-34 exhibits novel, natural DPP4-inhibtory activity along with cardio protective, antioxidant, immuno-modulatory action & also supplements essential micronutrients &phytoconstituents.      

I am a diabetic patient from last 10 years and taking allopathic OHG's, will BGR-34 reduce my dependence on allopathic OHG's?

Yes, BGR-34 reduces dependence on allopathic OHG's. BGR-34 helps rejuvenate and repair β-cells of pancreas, acts as DPP-4 inhibitor, delays glucose absorption from small intestine, converts proinsulin to insulin, exhibits potent antioxidant activity, increases insulin production & utilization, increases sensitivity to the target organs. Thus it ultimately reduces the dependence on allopathic medicines, so you can gradually reduce/stop allopathic medicines under careful observation of physician.


I am a diabetic patient from last 7 years and taking insulin injections, will BGR-34 reduce my dependence on insulin injections?

Yes, BGR-34 reduces dependence on insulin injection upto some extent. BGR-34 exerts insulin mimic effect, exhibits potent antioxidant activity, increases insulin utilization, increases sensitivity to the target organs. Thus it ultimately reduces the dependence on insulin, so you can gradually reduce insulin units under careful observation of physician (2 to 4 units of insulin may be reduced at a time).


I am a diabetic patient, Can I take sweets with BGR-34?

In diabetes, pancreas produces less amount of insulin, usually unable to maintain normal blood glucose level in the body. So if you start taking sweets, it will increase the blood sugar load, which will further worsen the situation. Thus, it is always advisable to avoid sweets, high carbohydrates diets and simple direct sugar sources.


How frequently should I monitor blood sugar level after starting BGR-34?

If you are a newly diagnosed diabetic patient, you can immediately start BGR-34 without any hesitation.

If you are already taking allopathic medicines (OHG's), you can add BGR-34 along with allopathic medicines (OHG's) and monitor blood sugar levels. Check fasting & PP sugar level on every alternate day initially and once in a week thereafter.

If you observe blood sugar level is quite under control, then you can taper down the dosage of allopathic medicines (OHG's) under the supervision of physician.


Can BGR-34 permanently cure diabetes?

No, Diabetes can be managed but cannot be cured permanently. BGR-34 is a unique research of CSIR-NBRI & CSIR- CIMAP which can effectively control blood sugar level. BGR -34 should be taken on regular basis for proper diabetic control.

How can I diagnose Diabetes ?

There are three types of tests that help health care providers make a diagnosis of diabetes :-

HbA1C (A1C or glycosylated hemoglobin test) - Diabetes is diagnosed when the A1C is 6.5% or higher.

Fasting Plasma Glucose Test (FPG) - Diabetes is diagnosed when your fasting blood glucose level is 126 mg/dL or more.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) – Diabetes is diagnosed when your fasting blood glucose level is 200 mg/dL or higher and from 140 mg/dL to 199 mg/dL is considered prediabetes. 

What is Prediabetes ?

Prediabetes means that your blood sugar is higher than normal but not yet high enough to be classified as type-2 diabetes. Without intervention prediabetes are likely to become type-2 diabetes in 5 years or less. If you have diabetes the long term damage of diabetes, especially to your heart & circulatory system may already be starting.


How BGR-34 helps prediabetes patients ?

There is good news, however, prediabetes can be one opportunity for you to improve your health. Progression from prediabetes to type-2 diabetes isn't inevitable with the regular usage of BGR-34 in the dosage of 1 tablet twice daily  along with healthy food habits including physical activity in your daily routine and maintaining healthy weight you may be able to bring blood sugar level back to normal.


What are the testing parameters for prediabetes ?

An Hb1Ac level between 5.7 & 6.4 percent is considered prediabetes.

A fasting blood sugar level from 100 to 125 mg/dL is considered prediabetes.

A blood sugar level is oral glucose tolerance test from 140-199 mg/dL is considered pre-diabetes. 

In prediabetes condition allopathic OHG's are not advisable because of possible untoward effects like hypoglycaemia, while BGR-34 is advisable & an effective approach for prediabetes without any untoward effect.