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Ayurveda Expert


9 Years


BAMS (Gold Medalist)

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About Consultant

The leading maestro of AIMIL, Dr. Nitika Kohli is a prominent Ayurveda Expert. Being an Ayurveda Graduate and Gold Medallist from University of Delhi, she has also dwelled her study into the perch of social well being. She is known for her embossed contributions in the society for the welfare of Vitiligo patients. Her efforts to prosper Vitiligo patients are accompanied by the principles of Ayurveda from the view of both ancient and modern criterions. Having an experience of being a doctor for more than 15000 patients of Vitiligo, she has delivered her excellent services in the field of Ayurveda. The patients are reached by initiating different camps of Ayurveda, round the Nation, under the supervision of Dr. Nitika Kohli.

Personal Summary

A team leader and a versatile Ayurvedic Physician who is well known for her expert treatment in leucoderma /vitiligo.  With her gratitude, she can easily put the patients on ease through counselling. She has a commendable ability of making people comfort in their various life disorders. Also, her motivational thoughts help patients to recover from their problems and get a new start.


Making patients to understand about their diseased condition.

  • Providing regular counseling sessions to the patients.
  • Highly focused about the dietary habits and life style of the patients.
  • Organizing leucoderma awareness camp in different parts of the country.
  • Strengthens and enables patients for living a healthy life by self management.
  • A regular online consultation for the patients those who are not able to visit the clinic.

Product Development and R&D work in AIMIL Pharmaceuticals

Extensively worked in research and development team.
Worked on various herbs & herbal preparations to evaluate their efficacy and safety.
Developed formulation of various ayurvedic medicines for female disorders like infertility and skin diseases.
Participated in various scientific seminars & conferences on different health issues.


Being a college topper, got opportunity of house job.
House job of six months in A & U Tibbia Hospital, Delhi Govt.
Practiced ayurvedic medicines for alleviating the diseases of patients coming to OPD.
IPD care of the admitted patients.
Clinical & Training experience in different Government hospitals of Delhi i.e. DeenDayal Hospital, GTB Hospital, Arun Asif Ali Hospital, Ambedkar Hospital, Hedgewar Hospital, etc.

Contact No. – 8010103434


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