Key herbs of BGR-34

Daruharidra - herbs of BGR-34

Daruharidra - Improves health & functioning of pancreas, naturally.
Vijaysar - herbs of BGR-34

Vijaysar - Rich in flavonoids, strengthens the cells and help maintain normal blood glucose level.
Giloy - Key herbs of BGR-34

Giloy - A unique herb to improve immunity. Helps improve resistance to infections.
Majeeth - Herbs of BGR-34

Majeeth - Powerful anti-oxidant activity. Helps protect vital organs from oxidative damage.
Methika - Herbs of BGR-34

Methika - One of the best sources of Micro-nutrients. Nourishes &tones  the vital organs.
Gudmar - Key Herbs of BGR-34
Gudmar - Maintains post-prandial blood glucose level by delaying glucose absorption.