Diabetic Diet - The Ideal Food For Diabetics

May 27 , 2023


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Diabetic Diet - The Ideal Food For Diabetics

Diabetes has struck millions of people worldwide and is fast becoming an epidemic in India, with more than 62 million suffering from the disease.
Unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity and increased levels of stress constitute some of the problems that happen to be the main contributing factors. Apparently, in 2016 the theme of World Health Day was ‘Beat Diabetes”. On that note, let’s take you through the ideal constituents of the right diabetic diet.

Fruit for Diabetics - Yes or No?

But first, let’s break the myth. Diabetics tend to eat lots of fruits in their daily diet charts, believing that they have more fibre. However, the fact is true that fruits have a lot of fibre which is healthy, but they incorporate some level of natural sugar as well. So eating excess fruit for diabetics would lead to a whopping increase in their blood sugar levels. Diabetic diets do have fruit in them, but in moderation .


Diabetics tend to eat lots of fruits in their daily diet charts


Food For Diabetics

One of the things while planning a diet for diabetic patients is to compulsorily checklist more fibre and protein in their everyday consumption. In their daily diabetic diet plan, they should limit carbohydrates to 50-55%. To plan the right diabetes diet plan, it is important to eat five to six meals in a day and the time gap should not exceed more than four hours.

excess fat is to be avoided in a diabetic diet

Note should be taken of the fact that excess fat is to be avoided in a diabetic diet at all costs. This is because the fat that is used to prepare vegetable and dal is enough for diabetic patients. Cooking techniques like steaming, pressure cooking, grilling and sautéing are some methods to help retain the nutritional value as well as reduce the consumption of oil.

Diet for Diabetic Patients -

A simple diet for diabetic patients for everyday purposes can begin with having a glass of water, which should preferably have half-teaspoon methi seeds soaked overnight. This is how a diabetes diet chart should look like -


preferably have half-teaspoon methi seeds soaked overnight

Breakfast - They should have their breakfast at 9 am, with a cup of cow’s milk and mix-vegetable multi-grain upma. Later in the day (may be around noon) they are always advised to drink a glass of ice tea or butter milk.

Lunch - Then for lunch, they should preferably start with a bowl of salad, along with vegetable curry and brown rice or 2 chapattis. Nothing less. Nothing more!

Dinner - For dinner, the menu should include a simple 1 cup of dalia and dal or mix veg besan chila. The reason why these are recommended for diabetic diet is because they are cooked using less oil. For diabetics with a sweet tooth who can’t survive without sweeteners, you can always look out for diabetic recipes and bake a batch of healthy chocolate chip cookies.


1 cup of dalia and dal or mix veg besan chila


Food to Avoid in Diabetes

A diabetic’s food list needs to let go of sugar- sweetened beverages and junk food. But that’s obvious! Diabetics must avoid all kinds of processed, preserved, canned foods and soft drinks. To make it simpler for you, we have a list of what not to eat in diabetes.



  1. Cola and other fruit juices. 
  2. Instant products might be unhealthy.
  3. Refined cereals products like maida, suji, biscuits and white bread are a big no- no. 
  4. You should also avoid simple sugars like sweets, sugar, glucose, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup.
  5. Tubers like potato and tapioca should never creep on to your plate.

Diabetic Food List - What to Eat in Diabetes?

  1. Diabetics must incorporate all kinds of green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, whole cereals, whole pulses, and pulses with skin. 
  2. There is a special list of fruits for diabetics that includes citrus fruits and berries, beans and legumes. 
  3. Skimmed milk and skimmed milk products like curd and paneer should be consumed too.
  4. Fish or chicken - Boiled, roasted, grilled or baked. Any way you like. Finally something delicious in the list! 
  5. Additionally, keep popping in nuts like almonds or walnuts, egg whites. 


What to Eat in Diabetes


Keeping a food diary and maintaining a diabetes diet chart is an excellent way to see what (and how much) are you eating so that you can compare it to how you feel. A diabetes diet chart not only monitors what you eat but also helps to keep you mindful and makes sure that you follow your program.

Physical activity is another important part of diabetes management plan. It’s not about a diabetic diet alone! When you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Regular physical activity also helps your body use insulin more efficiently. Sedentary habits, especially watching TV, need to be reduced. Regular exercise, even of moderate intensity (such as brisk walking), will play a significant role in preventing diabetes.


Physical activity is another important part of diabetes management plan

Healthy eating habits along with good control of blood glucose are the basic goals that a diabetic should keep in mind. For that, there are several good dietary methods that are available.

Insulin and other diabetes medication are designed to lower your blood sugar levels when a diabetic diet and exercise alone aren't sufficient for managing diabetes. But the effectiveness of these medicines depends on the timing and size of the dose. The medication you take for conditions other than diabetes can also affect your blood sugar levels.

Lastly, set yourself up for success by prepping meals for the week. The more prepared you are going into the week, fewer the obstacles that you will face!

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