Essential Herbs That Your Body Needs To Cope With Winters

Jan 19 , 2021



Essential Herbs That Your Body Needs To Cope With Winters

Winter has arrived, and it is the time to strike a balance between your Kapha and Vata doshas. Do you know that the winter season is a perfect antidote to our fast-paced lifestyle? It allows you the time to rest, hold space, reflect, hibernate, and heal. All these are possible only if you have a healthy body and mind to combat the winter chills.

Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old healing science, rolls out a list of essential herbs that your body needs to cope with winters. The herbs we are talking about will improve digestion, boost immunity, enhance cellular vitality, detoxify the body, imbibe energy, and encourage mental clarity.

  • Mulethi or Liquorice – Cold and cough are quite common during winter and fall seasons. Mulethi is a slimy, sweet herb that is used to treat multiple disorders. It is a revitalising Ayurvedic herb that increases immunity and strengthens the body. Boil a pinch of mulethi powder in water and drink with honey to get instant relief from cold and cough.
  • Basil – Holy basil or Tulsi is an aromatic, beautiful, sattvic, and delicious Ayurvedic herb that has something for everyone. It is a magical herb that is loaded with anti-infective and anti-asthmatic properties. It plays a vital role in building immunity against all kinds of respiratory issues. Drinking herbal Tulsi tea first thing in the morning is the healthiest way to kickstart your day.
  • Curcuma Longa – Fondly known as turmeric, Curcuma longa is one of the strongest immunity-boosting Ayurvedic herbs. It does wonders on ailments like dry skin, cold and flu, swellings, and joint pains. One of the best ways to consume turmeric daily is to add it to a glass of milk. You can also add it to curry, rice, and dal.
  • Gotu Kola / Brahmi – Brahmi plays a vital role in enhancing cellular vitality, increasing mental clarity, and boosting energy levels in the body. People who suffer from ailments like brain fog and mental dullness should consume this herb regularly. Brahmi also purifies the blood and encourages healthy blood circulation in the body. It does wonders on any sort of nerves or brain issues.
  • Manjistha – Manjishta is a wonderful Ayurvedic herb that aids healthy liver function. It plays a crucial role in improving the digestive fire that reduces the burden on the liver by making digestion easy. Apart from this, it is also filled with Raktashodhak or blood purifying properties. Majishtha is highly recommended for people who suffer from Pitta disorder.

The scope of Ayurveda is vast. It is natural to get confused about where to start from and in how much quantity. Therefore, you are advised to consult the experienced panel of Ayurvedic doctors at BGR 34. If you are suffering from a dry and dull skin disorder, they can suggest you the best blood purifier syrup for glowing skin. Make sure you consult a knowledgable doctor if your problem persists for a longer duration.

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