Kidney Disease- Causes, Symptoms and Cure

May 16 , 2017



Kidney Disease- Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Kidney Disease- Causes, Symptoms and Cure

Kidney or Renal diseases are those diseases which affect the ability of our kidneys to clean our blood, filter out waste and maintain blood pressure throughout our body.

Each one of us human beings has two kidneys located on either side of our spines which helps filter out the waste and create urine. The inability of the kidney to work can lead to swelling, weakness, vomiting and even death in the most severe of cases.  Thus, it is needless to say that any potential damage (internal or external) to the kidneys can bring about a total halt to your life. Thus. let us first understand the causes and symptoms of renal/kidney diseases.

 Kidney or Renal diseases are those diseases which affect the ability of our kidneys


Causes/Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Damage to the kidneys happens due to reasons ranging from direct physical injuries to the use of certain drugs over a period. Let us understand some of the symptoms of renal diseases so that we can fight them off in right time.

  • Enlarged Prostates- blocks urine flow
  • Severe Infections
  • Physical damage to the kidneys
  • Use or exposure to certain drugs or toxins over a period
  • Dehydration and Muscle breakdown
  • Due to other illnesses and viral diseases such as HIV

The main point to be kept in mind while detecting symptoms or understanding the causes of renal/kidney (acute and chronic) diseases is that they should be detected in advance so that they can be adequately cured in time, before the situation becomes life-threatening.


Enlarged Prostates- blocks urine flow


Most of the times, it is when the situation goes out of hand is when most people get to know about it. Thus, it is best to be on the safe side and mitigate against this deadly disease.  

Ayurveda for centuries has been used to mitigate against such diseases and keep oneself healthy. Thus, one of the best approaches to prevent such diseases would be to adopt this time-tested method of treatment. Neeri KFT is one such ayurvedic drug which blends a number of carefully chosen and scientifically proven herbs which are of enormous therapeutic value to prevent kidney diseases. The drug provides primary kidney care and provides natural antioxidant protection to the kidneys against all types of pollutants and heavy metals. The drug is also extremely effective in fighting against the adverse effect of nephrotoxic drug molecules prevalent in many medicines which severely damage the functioning of the kidneys.

Neeri KFT has also been developed for improving the functionality of the kidney and for the management of a number of compromised kidney functions. An important point to keep in mind is that Neeri KFT has been developed specially for diabetic patients while Neeri is for generic use.

 Neeri KFT has also been developed for improving the functionality of the kidney.


The following are some of the advantages/functions of this medicine-

  • It reduces elevated blood urea & serum creatinine
  • It improves functional capacity of kidneys
  • Protects kidneys against nephrotoxins
  • Restores electrolytes homeostasis for improving glomerular filtration rate
  • Acts as antioxidant thereby prevents kidney oxidative stress and nephrotic degenerations
  • Strengthens the defense mechanism of the body, supplementing immunomodulating agents
  • Tends to stimulate regenerative process in nephrons, thereby helping delaying dialysis requirement.
  • Neeri KFT tends to detoxify the effects of nephrotoxic drugs or components
  • It protects kidneys by renal vasodilation, acting as diuretic and ACE inhibitor.
  • Heals renal injuries, restoring healthier cellular architecture


Lakhs of patients have trusted Neeri KFT for kidney care and prevention of kidney related diseases. The ball now is in your court and question remains whether you want to ignore deadly kidney diseases or do you want to be a victim? We say opt for a healthier and a joyous life and use Neeri KFT.


  • 16 May 2017 Puran Lal

    Please sugest the method to take NEERI KFT . As with water or without water, before meal or after meal. Also sugest diet for kidney patients with NEERI KFT bottle

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