The Best Kept Secrets of Ayurveda for a Longer & Healthier Life

Dec 11 , 2020



The Best Kept Secrets of Ayurveda for a Longer & Healthier Life

As human beings, we have to go through a lot of stress, and all of these take a toll on our health. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. are now commonplace with all and sundry. The mind and body suffer equally, and most of us go without any kind of diagnosis. It is now time to sit and think that what must be done about it.

Sad but true, we completely cannot do away with these worries and tension, but the good news is that we can surely deal with them in a better way. Some of these ways would be yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic diagnosis. The perfect combination of these will help you to lead a much better life.

Now, let us take a look at the easiest ways in which Ayurveda can heal common diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Ayurvedic secrets at your fingertips

There are several home remedies to control diabetes, and you really need not be a qualified doctor to treat yourself better with these. The remedies have been handed down from ages, and you can give them a try any day.
  1. Bitter gourd juice: Drinking at least one tablespoon of bitter gourd juice daily, helps to reduce the sugar levels in your blood and urine.
  2. Herbal glass of water: Leave a glass of water with ten leaves each of tulsi, neem and belpatra overnight. Drink the water on an empty stomach the next morning and see how it controls your diabetes.
  3. Amla and bitter gourd juice: In a cupful of bitter gourd juice, mix a tablespoon of amla juice. Consume it daily for two months as it helps the pancreas to secrete insulin.
  4. Spices and milk: Make a fine powder of fenugreek seeds, turmeric and white pepper in 2:1:1 proportion. Having one teaspoon of it twice daily with milk helps check the blood-sugar level.
  5. Daily yoga: There are certain yoga postures that keep your blood sugar level within control. Practising these postures under the guided supervision of a yoga instructor will be extremely beneficial.
  6. Meditation: As anxiety and stress are the two root causes of diabetes and high blood pressure, meditating regularly will keep your mind and nerves calm. Meditation will soothe your body, keeping a check on these two diseases.
  7. Changes in lifestyles: Ayurveda emphasises a lot on leading a proper lifestyle. This includes abstaining from smoking, alcohol, junk food, sleeplessness and any other factor that is putting you in a risk zone.

Also, get your blood sugar and pressure levels checked at regular intervals. Do try out these easy home remedies to control diabetes and be pleasantly surprised by the positive results.

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