Winter is Coming: Get Ready To Fight Cold And Flus With These Simple Ayurvedic Remedies

Jan 13 , 2021



Winter is Coming: Get Ready To Fight Cold And Flus With These Simple Ayurvedic Remedies

Winter is on its way to the town, and it will bring a lot more than lower temperatures and cool breeze with it. Winter is the time when the common cold becomes a lot more than common, and flu viruses gain strength.

However, if your immunity is strong and you take the right precautions, none of these problems will touch you, much like those people we see who blaze through winters without any problem. Nonetheless, we have to stay ready to fight this problem whenever we can. So while the winter is almost upon us, what can we do to fight the cold and flu? Read the blog to know about the most effective ayurvedic remedies!

Fighting Cold and Flu with Ayurveda

  • Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is known as a very purifying herb in Ayurveda and finds its usefulness in cold and flu. It is warm on the inside, which is why formulations made with Tulsi like Tulsi Tea are really beneficial in Cold and Flu Season. It also soothes the nerves, which is a good way to help the body as well.

  • Turmeric

The spice that makes Indian food amazing, turmeric has been known as an amazing healing agent as well. Turmeric has anti-viral properties regardless of whether it is ingested or applied topically.

  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a stress buster for the entire body as its boosts the immune system. It energises the body in the day while also calming the overactive nerves during the night. However, the root of Ashwagandha is the real miracle worker. Consume it as a supplement or concoction.

  • Yoga

There is no better way to make your body fall in love with itself than Yoga. Simple breathing and stretching exercises can give you much relief from the congestion as it enhances your blood circulation. As your energy balances and flow throughout your body, you begin to feel the clarity that it is bringing to you. Be mindful that while the body might resist in the beginning, but it will come around slowly. However, don’t push yourself too hard.

  • Ginger Tea

Ginger has been a great way of getting rid of phlegm, but taking it in the form of a tea has been a much-followed practice for the winters. Ginger is often harvested right before winters, which is why they have a warm essence. To make ginger tea, put 4 to 5 slices of fresh ginger in hot water and then use this water to make tea.

Winters may be scary because of these issues, but armed with these tools of Ayurveda, you can easily get ahead of the curve from cold and flu. For the treatment of these conditions, you can also put your trust in ayurvedic medicine for cold and fever available with Aimil Pharmaceuticals. Completely natural and beneficial, these medicines do not have any side effects. Head on to the online store to buy these medicines and spend an amazing winter this year.

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