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Amydio Forte Syrup (Pack of 3)

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“A Safe & Well Tolerated Anti-Diarrhoeal Formula for Children & Elderly ”

Amydio Forte is a fast acting formula with vital plant extracts, herbal distillates & phyto-nutrients from selective ingredients from natural resources which helps in the comprehensive management of Diarrhoea, Dysentery & allied Gastro intestinal disorders. The different plant resources in Amydio Forte, acts synergistically to check over the acute and chronic phase of Diarrhoea, systematically and symptomatically. Amydio Forte is a safe & well tolerated formula for children to elderly and supplements essential electrolytes lost due to excessive fluid loss.
A Natural Anti-diarrhoeal, Regularises Gut Mobility & Relieves Abdominal Discomfort
Kills the intestinal infection causing bacterias including E. coli significantly and also subsides the growth of even resistant strains of such diarrhoea causing bacterias.
Combats intestinal pathogens including Entero Pathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) causing loss to the DNA of bacteria.
Exerts Carminative action by preventing the gas formation restoring normal growth of intestinal micro–flora, also fights against Giardia, Rotavirus & Entamoeba histolytica, protozoa, thus helps eradicate infective dysentery.
Reduces the gastro–intestinal motility, relieves the spasm & gripes of smooth muscles of GIT through muscarinic receptor blockade, retards the mucosal secretions by deactivating calcium channels and exerts emollient action to intestines.





Reduces induction time of diarrhoea frequency of stools reducing intestinal secretions and gastric motility.
Helps re-absorption of water & electrolytes and reduces their permeability to prevent excessive fluid loss.
Exerts anti–anxiety action, Relieves IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) by increasing the secretion of neuro-transmitter GABA and also relaxing effect on intestines, tones digestive enzymes, thus helps relieve IBS-C.
Supplements vital nutrients from herbal resources like flavonoids rich polyphenols, beta carotene, few elements which all work as anti-oxidant in synergism thus nourishes the dehydrated cells of Gastro–intestinal tract.
Product Details  :

Quantity: 100 ML


Adult: 2 – 3 teaspoonful thrice daily in adults

Children: (3-6 years) ½  teaspoonful twice a day

(7-12 years) 1 – 2  teaspoonful thrice a day

Continue the treatment for 1 – 2 months in chronic conditions.