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Ayouthveda Indian Clay Handmade Soap, 100 Gm

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Indian clay soap is a hand-made three-layered mineral-rich clay bar unearthed from the renowned bedrock quarries of the Kolar region of Karnataka, the fertile lands of Madhya Pradesh & the plenty of full volcanic ash sediments in the western India continent.

The naturally occurring clays like fuller’s earth clay (multani mitti) & purified chalk clay (khadiya mitti) make this wonderful skin-pampering soap a natural revitalizer for your skin. The soap is enriched with the generous amounts of skin loving oils & herbal extracts which nourish skin every time you bathe.


Benefits your skin with : 

  • Fusion of mineral rich three-layered clay bar
  • Three layer with three exclusive benefits: Clean- Tone- Revitalize skin
  • Brightens complexions with khadiya mitti
  • Balance oil production & tightens pores with multani mitti
  • Comes with calming earthy fragrance
  • Nourish, protect & hydrate skin


Exclusive benefits :

  • Handmade soap with earthen purity
  • Fulfills nutritional needs of your skin with mineral rich clays
  • Improves dermal blood supply with sand wood oil & manjistha
  • Peppermint soothes inflammation & relieves redness
  • Can be use on face & body
  • Unisex



Herbs highlights :

 Fuller’s earth clay layer  :  The layer is infused with sudha multani mitti & sandalwood oil which nourishes deepest layers of the skin with its high mineral content.

 Purified chalk clay layer  : This layer is infused with sudha khadiya mitti which is a kind of Kaolinite, fortified with wondrous healing properties & rose oil which leaves you & your bathing area with earthy fragrance.

 Herbaceous layer  :  This unique layer is infused with botanical extracts derived from Indian Maddar & Curcuma which tighten up pores, brightens complexion & promotes youthful looking skin.


Direction of use

 Wet your face & body with water & gently apply the soap to create a lather & rinse clean.


Store in a cool & dry place as handmade soap melts easily due to its purity.