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Ayouthveda Fresh Fruits & Honey Soap 100 Gm

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Fresh Fruit & Honey soap is an incredible nourishing bar packed with the goodness of fruit juices of Papaya, Pineapple, Watermelon, & Indian gooseberry which is loaded with rich antioxidants & skin nourishing vitamins, effectively moisturizing & soothe your skin.

Enriched with the golden fluid: honey and a dash of the subtle aroma of natural Orange oil which helps to moisturize your skin & calm your senses.

This handmade soap bar will definitely make you fall in love with your body, impart healthy-looking skin & fruity fragrance that lingers all day long.


Benefits your skin with : 

  • ● Nourishes & hydrates the skin
    ● Fights & prevents skin infection
    ● Removes sun tan
    ● Detoxifies & clarifies skin


Exclusive benefits :

  • Hand crafted with a unique combination of essential antioxidants from fruits with sweet honey
  • Prevents free radical skin damage
  • Effectively nourishes & sweeps away dead skin cells


 Herbs highlights :

Honey : A natural humectant & effective anti-microbial, protects & hydrates even the driest of the skin, leaving it soft & supple.

Papaya : Rich in Vitamin A & papain enzyme effectively eliminates free radicals that damage skin collagen. It also helps in lightening skin spots & removing sun tan.

Watermelon : Enriched with high water content & essential antioxidants that boost skin hydration, replenishes damage skin & making it plump, nourished & glowy.

Pineapple-  Enriched with bromelain enzyme & ascorbic acid which markedly reduces dark spots, sweep away dead skin cells & even out skin complexion.

Indian gooseberry- It is known as “Amla” which boosts the level of vitamin C in the skin cells. Makes your skin look soft & youthful

Orange oil- A natural astringent and anti-oxidant, which detoxifies and clarifies the skin, while its fragrance has calming and stress-relieving qualities.


Direction of use

 Wet your face & body with water & gently apply the soap to create a lather & rinse clean.


Store in a cool & dry place as handmade soap melts easily due to its purity.