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Amystop-G Capsules

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Check excessive bleeding in time

Amystop-G is a herbo-mineral formulation which is highly effective in dysfunctional uterine bleeding (excessive bleeding), checks bleeding in time and provides her an escape from the moments of gloom. It strengthens female uterine system, improves endometrial (inner uterine wall) vascularity by supplementing bioflavonoids and hastens wound healing by enhancing collagen turnover. Amystop-G strengthens the microvasculature and stabilizes the membrane phospholipids. It also blocks the release of inflammatory mediator i.e. histamine, serotonin, bradykinin. Thus, reduces pain due to excessive bleeding. Amystop-G also promotes haemopoiesis (blood formation) by providing natural iron & other micronutrients. Amystop-G provides vitamins like Vitamin-A, Folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine and vitamin-C, essential minerals like iron, manganese, calcium, zinc, copper, phosphate, silicate and phyto-constituents improving their bioavailability in the system along with citric acid and sitosterol.
A multi mechanism therapy in the management of DUB
Supplements bio-flavonoids for better haemostasis(Stop bleeding), strengthen the uterine micro-vasculature, helps in restoration of pericapillary sheath.
Act as Anti-fibrinolytic (stops bleeding) promotes pericapillary fibirin deposition, enhances collagen turnover in damaged tissues by increasing DNA and collagen content.
Reduces pain associated with dysfunctional uterine bleeding, blocks the release of inflammatory mediators like histamine, bradykinin.





Tones endometrium, increases healing process, reduces increasing permeability in blood capillaries, tones up the endometrial vascularity.
Provides astringent action, helps to regulate blood circulation and tighten blood vessels, reduces blood loss.
Compensates blood loss by supplementing iron, provides natural iron in gentle form, needed for the formation of haemoglobin.

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DOSAGE: 2 Capsule thrice a day

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